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Whether you are renting or buying a machine or you have a question about any other of our services you can contact us in various ways. Call us at +46 08-7646110 which serves as a single point of contact for all our services or send us a message by filling out the contact form or even contact directly someone of our staff using the contact details which you will find by pressing the View Personnel button below .

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Rent Crawler Excavators

Our Crawler Excavators fleet for hire consists of small , medium and large Excavators . Machines models ranging from 8 ton to 58 ton class and we used to have both Volvos and Caterpillars almost in each weight class in this machine category . All our Tracked Excavators are equipped according Swedish Standard and we offer a wide variety of tools for each model to choose from depending the job task.

Our experienced staff will help you find the solution that suits you, whether it is a short term hire that involves one machine for a few days of work or larger projects that require multiple machines for long term rental . In any case we follow and support customer in each stage of the project and we constantly adapt to the project process and possible changes in timeframes .

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Cat 308 CR
Cat 308 CR Crawler Excavator
9 100kg 51.8kW S45 FPL
Price On Request
Cat 310
Cat 310 Crawler Excavator
10 100kg 51.8kW S45 FPL
Price On Request
Cat 313
Cat 313 Crawler Excavator
13 800kg 80.9kW S60 FPL
Price On Request
Volvo EC140E
Volvo EC140E Crawler Excavator
14 000kg 90kW S60 FPL
Price On Request
Cat 315
Cat 315 Crawler Excavator
15 400kg 80.9kW S60 FPL
Price On Request
Volvo ECR145E
Volvo ECR145E Crawler Excavator
15 500kg 90kW S60 FPL
Price On Request
Volvo EC220E
Volvo EC220E Crawler Excavator
23 000kg 129kW S70 FPL
Price On Request
Cat 323
Cat 323 Crawler Excavator
25 500kg 128kW S70 FPL
Price On Request
Cat 325
Cat 325 Crawler Excavator
22 500kg 128.5kW S70 FPL
Price On Request
Volvo EC235E
Volvo EC235E Crawler Excavator
25 000kg 129kW S70 FPL
Price On Request
Cat 326
Cat 326 Crawler Excavator
25 900kg 150kW S70 FPL
Price On Request
Volvo EC250E
Volvo EC250E Crawler Excavator
28 000kg 168kW S70 FPL
Price On Request
Cat 330
Cat 330 Crawler Excavator
30 900kg 204kW S80 FPL
Price On Request
Volvo EC300E
Volvo EC300E Crawler Excavator
32 000kg 189kW S80 FPL
Price On Request
Volvo EC380E
Volvo EC380E Crawler Excavator
39 000kg 226kW SMP105
Price On Request
Cat 340
Cat 340 Crawler Excavator
39 700kg 232kW SMP105
Price On Request
Cat 352
Cat 352 Crawler Excavator
50 100kg 316kW SMP105
Price On Request
Volvo EC530E
Volvo EC530E Crawler Excavator
55 000kg 340kW SMP105
Price On Request
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Our services are available to the whole of Sweden , no matter your project size , and whether it is to rent or to acquire construction machines and equipment .

Ηow it Works

Crawler Excavator Rental Process

Using our long experience in renting Crawler Excavators, we constantly strive to make the rental process easier and straightforward for the customer. Our goal is not only to offer every customer quality machines and equipment, but also to make the overall rental experience stress-free. To achieve this we combine the necessary technical routines along with personal will and flexibility for the best customer service.

Contact our experienced staff and ask them to guide you through the process of selecting the right machinery and equipment as well as the rental options that are available
Rental Terms

1. machine booking

Client contacts us and is informed about all the rental options that meet his needs , then selects the rental period for the Crawler Excavator that is needed and the equipment that will follow together with the Excavator.

2. machine booking

The Crawler Excavator and equipment are inspected prior to delivery using technical and cleaning inspection routines. This way we are sure that the customer will eventually receive exactly what he ordered and this will be fully functional and clean.

3. machine delivery

The Crawler Excavator and equipment are delivered for work. The customer can arrange the transport himself or ask us to take care of it. We have agreements with multiple transport companies in order to offer competitive transport prices.

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