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Okada Demolition Equipment

Pan Trading Machinery AB is official Dealer to Sweden of the Okada Demolition equipment. Okada Aiyon Corporation is a Japanese heavy equipment manufacturer who has been in the Demolition Equipment market for 80 years . Okada has a leading position in the market and manufactures premium demolition equipment such as hydraulic hammers, crushers and scissors designed to withstand the most demanding working conditions.

Okada products are built according to the highest quality criteria and considered among the best the industry has to offer .

Okada Demolition Equipment
OKADA Hydraulic Breakers
Okada Demolition EquipmentOKADA Hydraulic Breakers

Main advantages of Okada Hydraulic breakers are , among other things , longer durability because of the extremely solid construction with large parts of housing protected by thick Hardox wear steel , one of the best effect and impact factor in the industry and easy of maintenance due to less moving parts compared to other premium alternatives . Okada Hydraulic Breakers are available for machines between 1-60 ton operating weight.

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Okada Demolition EquipmentDemolition Pulverizers

Okada pulverizers are known for the world class performance and are widely preferred by demolition companies worldwide . Pulverizers offered in three product groups , Fixed without rotation , 360 degree Rotation models and fixed models with Electromagnet which is product category where Okada holds multiple innovative patents. All product models in all three Categories can be used for primary as well as secondary crushing .

Okada OSC
Demolition Pulverizer Okada OSC

The flat, wide jaw opening, the crushing area and an internal speed valve make it possible to grab and crush large sections of concrete quickly with unmatched productivity. The small body makes it easy to operate.

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Okada ORC Rotating
Demolition Pulverizer Okada ORC Rotating

High speed pulverizer to process concrete walls , bricks and concrete lumps into small pieces. Okada ORC Series Rotation Pulverizer is the right attachement to seperate rebar for recycling

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Okada OSC + Magnet
Demolition Pulverizer Okada OSC + Magnet

The Okada OSC series Pulverizer with Electromagnet, has all the benefits of the classic OSC series plus the ability to easily collect metals through the use of the magnet located on top of the attachment.

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Okada Demolition EquipmentDemolition Crushers

OKADA Demolition Crushers and Cutters are based on decades of Japanese engineering experience. Are designed for performing heavy duty tasks like cutting concrete and steel frame structures, steel bridges or even concrete foundations. The special casting alloy used to forge the body, delivers a lightweight crusher with superior durability.

Okada TS-WB Primary
Demolition Crusher Okada TS-WB Primary

Okada TS-WB Series Primary Demolition Crushers processes reinforced concrete stuctures , buildings , bridges and foundations . Product's operating weight range starts from 170 kgr until 12.810 kgr .

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Okada TSRC
Demolition Crusher Okada TSRC

Okada TSRC Series Multi Crushers are ideal for processing concrete and steel frame structure, concrete building, steel bridges, steel buildings and more.

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Okada TS-S
Demolition Crusher Okada TS-S

The Okada TS-S Crusher series process both reinforced concrete and steel structures. The special casting alloy used to forge the body, delivers a lightweight crusher with superior durability.

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Okada TS-W Cross
Demolition Crusher Okada TS-W Cross

Okada TS-W Series Cross Cutters are ideal for processing steel frame structures . The crossed cutter blades can punch a hole in the object, making it possible to cut objects bigger than the cutter blade length.

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Okada TS-W
Demolition Crusher Okada TS-W

Okada TS-W Series Cutters are ideal for processing steel frame structures having the longest custting blade in its class and a high oil flow speed valve which reduces cycle time .

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In our facilities , we have always available for immediate delivery a large number of Okada Demolition Equipment models . Once we have helped you choose the right equipment, we also perform a proper installation and configuration of the equipment on your machine.

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