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Pan Trading Machinery AB is an Official Importer to Sweden of the compact and flexible Mini and Midi Eurocomach Excavators (1 to 10 tons). Eurocomach Diggers are High Quality machines produced in Europe , developed and manufactured for European conditions and needs. Eurocomach Excavators are solid , reliable and easy to maintain machines.

They are well known for the great design and powerful motor which provides excellent performance in any construction site. Manufactured with special attention to οperator’s comfort and superb hydraulic system flow capacity that makes Eurocomach Diggers particularly well suited for operating oil-demanding tools.


EurocomachMini Excavators 1-6.5tons

Eurocomach range of Mini Excavators consists of 16 different models between 1 – 6,5 ton weight including models with triple boom configuration . Electric mini Diggers are also available.

Eurocomach 12ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 12ZT
1 160kg 10.2kW STAGE V

12 ZT Mini Digger is the smallest in the series, but built as a larger machine. Zero tail with Proportional Joysticks on the armrests and adjustable undercarriage from 790-1050 mm.

Eurocomach 14SR
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 14SR
1 230kg 10.2kW STAGE V

14 SR Mini Excavator is a compact and stable Digger much similar to 12ZT but with a 4 cm overhang on the rear when turning,. Comes with adjustable undercarriage and standard variable flow pump.

Eurocomach 15X Electric
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 15X Electric
1 310kg 16kW

AVAILABLE FROM 2023: The first 100% electric Mini Excavator of the Eurocomach range: compact, advanced and performing.

Eurocomach 15ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 15ZT
1 580kg 11.3kW STAGE V

The most compact Mini Excavator of the 1.5 - 2.0 ton series is a valid ally on any construction site. Also Zero tail with adjustable undercarriage.

Eurocomach 17SR
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 17SR
1 660kg 11.3kW STAGE V

The 17SR Mini Excavator with a low rear overhang guarantees high performance with maximum stability.

Eurocomach 18ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 18ZT
1 730kg 11.2kW STAGE V

The compact 18ZT Mini Excavator ( Zero tail with adjustable undercarriage ) with its spacious cabin is perfect for all your working needs both indoors and outdoors.

Eurocomach 19ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 19ZT
1 880kg 13.7kW STAGE V

The 19ZT Mini Excavator's zero tail with extending undercarriage and 18 HP engine, is extremely efficient even in the toughest working conditions.

Eurocomach 19TR
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 19TR
2 010kg 13.7kW STAGE V

The 19TR Mini Excavator is the first series-produced TWO-PIECES-BOOM model in its class. Equipped with an 18 hp combustion engine, the digger was designed and manufactured to achieve high performance with compact dimensions.

Eurocomach 22SR
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 22SR
2 090kg 15.4kW STAGE V

Thanks to the new cabin, more comfortable and spacious, Eurocomach 22SR Mini Excavator offers a superior segment habitability.

Eurocomach 25ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 25ZT
2 540kg 15.5kW STAGE V

25ZT Mini Excavator , zero tail , can rotate inside its own track width, even when the cab door is open.

Eurocomach 28ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 28ZT
2 700kg 18.5kW STAGE V

28ZT Mini Excavator is ideal for any type of medium-small construction site, this model weighs 2,8 tons and has a zero tail design.

Eurocomach 35ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 35ZT
3 350kg 18.5kW STAGE V

35ZT Mini Excavator is ideal for any type of medium-small construction site, this model weighs 3,5 tons and has a zero tail design.

Eurocomach 42ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 42ZT
4 050kg 32.3kW STAGE V

The 42 ZT Mini Excavator is compact but powerful like the models of higher segment .

Eurocomach 45TR
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 45TR
4 450kg 32.3kW STAGE V

Eurocomach 45TR is a versatile ally in the 4-5,5 ton segment and the first Mini Excavator in this range equipped with a triple boom.

Eurocomach 50ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 50ZT
4 650kg 42.6kW STAGE V

The right concentrate of comfort and power on the new zero tail 5 ton 50ZT Mini Excavator.

Eurocomach 55TR
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 55TR
5 250kg 42.6kW STAGE V

55TR Mini Excavator is a compact model, thanks to its short radius profile, equipped with the appreciated triple boom.

Eurocomach 58ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 58ZT
5 400kg 45kW STAGE V

Compact with a high degree of performance, the new 58ZT Mini Excavator has a modern design and comfort you only find in higher machine weight classes.

Eurocomach 60ZT
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 60ZT
5 700kg 45kW STAGE V

The new 60ZT Mini Excavator is a true 6 ton Zero Tail machine with the most powerful engine of its class.

Eurocomach 65TR
Mini Excavator Eurocomach 65TR
6 200kg 45kW STAGE V

65TR Mini Excavator with its three pieces boom is ideal for narrow spaces with a performance capacity similar to a higher tonnage class .

EurocomachMidi Excavators 8-10tons

Eurocomach range of Midi Excavators consists of 4 different models between 8 – 10 ton weight including models with Swing , Fixed , Off-Set or Triple boom configuration.

Eurocomach 85SB
Midi Excavator Eurocomach 85SB
8 300kg 53.7kW STAGE V

The 85SB Midi Excavator has been conceived following the design of big size excavators: this gives great robustness and reliability to the machine.

Eurocomach 90ZT
Midi Excavator Eurocomach 90ZT
9 000kg 53.7kW STAGE V

Despite the important dimensions of this Midi Digger, the zero tail 90ZT Excavator guarantees optimal performance even in the tightest spaces.

Eurocomach 95UR
Midi Excavator Eurocomach 95UR
9 100kg 53.7kW STAGE V

95UR Midi Excavator is equipped with an Off – Set boom that gives you much greater freedom of movement. Here you can work in larger areas without the need to move the excavator.

Eurocomach 100TR
Midi Excavator Eurocomach 100TR
9 900kg 53.7kW STAGE V

100TR Midi Excavator is a 10 ton Zero Tail machine with superb versatility thanks to the triple arm configuration .

Readily available Get your offer Today

In our facilities , you will find always Eurocomach Mini and Midi Excavators available for sale and immediate delivery. Combined with our extensive stock of attachments (Quick Couplers , Tiltrotators , Buckets etc) , our workshop can customize your Excavator and have it ready to go in no time.

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